Redemptive Prayers, Vol. 1 (Pocket-Size)

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Redemptive Prayers from Jerusalem (Volume 1) compiled by The Prophetic Priesthood. Hebrew and English Prayer Book. Pocket-Sized. Study anywhere, anytime. Paperback. 20 pages. Scroll down for full description.

Redemptive Prayers of Jerusalem Hebrew English Prayer Book

Hebrew and english prayers for life, health, and prosperity. Includes Sabbath Day prayers. Compiled by the Prophetic Priesthood at Jerusalem. 40th Anniversary Edition. Pocket-Sized. Study anywhere, anytime. Paperback. 20 pages.


Psalms 1

The first of three primary prayers spoken to close out the Sabbath Day.

 Psalms 6

Prayer for the healing power of the God of Israel.

 The Shema (Hear O Israel) Deuteronomy 6:4-9

This prayer affirms the holy dedicational (educational) process.

 Psalms 24

This sacred prayer lifts up a living redeemer.

 Psalms 100

A prayer of thanksgiving.

 Psalms 121

Supplication for the help and protection of God

Psalms 126

The third prayer spoken to close-out the Sabbath day.


The Prophetic Priesthood at Jerusalem is the institution in African Hebrew Israelite Community responsible for invoking the presence of the Holy Spirit in the midst of the people by serving as positive role models and teaching the laws of Yah (God). These priests or “cohaneem” guide the community with daily activities that answer the question: “What does Yah, the God of  Israel and of  all Creation, want from His people?” They administer  Holy Day Celebrations,  conduct marriage ceremonies, provide counseling, and recite prayers during childbirth and all other major community events. The Prophetic Priesthood prays daily that the strength and understanding of The Righteous be returned unto them and that it be used for the application of Yah’s Truth throughout the planet in the continued establishment of the Kingdom of Yah here on earth.

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